Donate My Car For Charity - Support Our Programs

Support Our Programs

Your car donation will support our many beneficial programs, including:

A Helping Hand Charitable Fund

The Helping Hand Charitable Fund is an emergency reserve for members of the community who need help with a month of rent, utility bills, a car payment and food or clothing for their family. With your car donation, we can provide for those most in need.

Meals for the Elderly and Infirm

We make weekly deliveries of homemade soup to the sick and elderly. We can expand our kitchen facility with the proceeds from your car donation to provide meals on wheels for homebound individuals and meals on-site for those who are able to come to us.

Scholarships for Summer Camp

Not every child is able to enjoy happy memories of summer camp simply because their parents can’t afford to send them. For families with financial hardship, we offer day camp scholarships for their children. By making the decision to donate your car to charity, every child who wants to can enjoy a six-week session of summer camp.

Smile On Seniors: Visits to Nursing Homes and Hospitals

We facilitate periodic visits to nursing and retirement homes and local hospitals to offer company and support to those who most need it. With your car donation, Smile on Seniors can continue to grow.

Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle is an innovative program with one goal: to integrate children with special needs into the larger community. We pair these special children with teenage volunteers for weekly visits to socialize and have fun. Relationships grow, lives and enriched, and the children bloom. The Friendship Circle community also offers support and assistance to parents and siblings.

Every child deserves friends and companions, as well as an opportunity to build confidence in their own abilities. With the Friendship Circle, we bring this opportunity to special needs children, while providing our teenage volunteers with precious life lessons about the importance of giving to others.