Donate My Car For Charity - Tax Deduction

Tax Deduction

Q. What happens to my vehicle?

A. Your vehicle will either be sold at auction or for parts depending on its condition. All proceeds support the social services the Chabad Jewish Center provides to those in need in our community. In certain cases, vehicles in good condition are given directly to needy families.

Q. How much can you deduct for your car?

A. Every donor will benefit differently from his or her auto donation.

We will give you an initial receipt which you may use to write off the market value of your donation up to $500, if you will be itemizing your deductions.

If you indicate that you will be itemizing your deductions and your donated vehicle sells for more than $500, we will send you a supplemental IRS 1098-C form showing the gross proceeds of the sale. You will be required to file IRS form 8283.

If a vehicle we receive sells for over $5,000, we are required to file IRS form 8282, and will contact you to review all other federal requirements.

Your tax advisor can best advise you about how to benefit from you tax deduction.

Tell your friends about our car donation program and spread the wave of kindness!